About us

Dirty Wormss was just an idea until it was taken to the next level by a young entrepreneur. David Villa was 14 years old when a small school operation was built up. Selling Mexican candy to anything he can get his hands on lead to the creative juices flowing in this entrepreneur. Mixing gummy worms with home made recipes being bagged up in sandwich bags giving these gummies flavors like no other was the start of this journey. Dirty Wormss. 
As a side hustle throughout middle school and high school for some cash to get through day by day David had made the decision to put all efforts in this business during the summer of senior year. Making phone calls, reaching out to different suppliers, reading up on different business articles, mapping out the different ideas, setting goals and ultimately taking this idea into action were some of the many different activities that launched this product. Senior year comes and it is nothing but hustle everyday. Approaching every kid possible throughout the days (snack and lunch), walking to the local parks, hitting local businesses, standing in front of shopping centers, asking restaurants for permission to give out samples in front, the full 9 yards to grow the brand. Being watched by teachers on selling the product, getting rejected, walking and standing long hours were all obstacles that did not discourage this entrepreneur from turning his idea into a reality. Towards the end of senior year David had a clientele of many entrepreneurs reselling the product in 40 different schools, he was getting involved with many different school events, had a weekly set up at Fatimas Grill, and already stocking up the shelves in a couple retail locations.

Within a short period of time the product was being sold in different retail settings through the local communities, relationships with many different influencers were built, and new flavors were brought on board. With the help and support of Davids family (Mom, Dad, cousins, brothers, and sisters) from youngest to oldest it is a product that is able to hit the market. The brand stands behind it’s freshness, unique flavors, and satisfying the customers cravings. Now with store locations carrying the product throughout Southern California David still strives and is hungry for the ultimate goal of providing individuals across the U.S with a candy that gives off an experience like no other.